Our teachers are award-winning experts & trained teaching professionals in their own fields.

Enthusiasm and expertise that catches on

In Scandinavian Design School, you will be training with experienced teachers. We are art, design and architecture professionals passionate about quality education. We have teached in top universities and colleges and acted as jury members in entrance examination boards. Our goal is to help you succeed not only in school applications, but also give you a solid foundation for your future as design student and professional.


Sini Koivisto

I founded Scandinavian Design School with the desire to offer more versatile, goal-oriented and above all, student-centric teaching internationally. Besides teaching, I’m in charge of curriculum design and the development of teaching methods. The student-centric approach in design education has paid off: about 70% of our preparatory course students have been approved to study in colleges or universities. This makes me extremely proud, as for example only 10% out of all architecture college applicants in Finland get accepted.

I’ve been working as a teacher since 2001: first in Arkki, School of Architecture for Children and Youth, and Aalto University of Art and Design Helsinki as an architecture and design pedagogy teacher. I started teaching preparatory courses in 2004, and founded Scandinavian Design School’s Finnish equivalent Teho-Opisto in 2009. Besides teaching, I have 18 years of experience working in architecture firms and also have delivered a wide range of architecture projects through my own firm.

I’m personally very interested in architecture and art. If you are too, you’ve already got the most important thing covered – your attitude! The best way to get prepared for our courses is by reading about modern architecture and design from industry magazines. By doing so, you’ll improve your ideation skills and develop yourself an internal idea catalogue for your first steps as a creative.

Founder and head teacher of Scandinavian Design School and Teho-Opisto

Architect SAFA, Master of Arts in Art Education

Teacher of architecture and art for 20 years

Preparatory course teacher for 16 years

Owner of Designspace architecture firm

A dedicated Scandinavian Design School personal trainer, who is the first one to celebrate the success stories of accepted students

Eeva Jokinen

I’m a passionate craft-oriented designer and teacher. My first degree was in Ceramics and I currently run my own company where I make small scale ceramic production and unique artworks. For my whole artistic career I have also been teaching both in private and University positions. This woke up my interest in pedagogy and learning theories and I graduated from my second MA degree of Art Education in 2020.

My interest in the design field is wide. I teach both research methods and ceramic practices in Aalto University as a part time teacher and art techniques and content creation methods in Scandinavian Design School. I’m interested in how we learn and how to teach creative skills which are very individual and based on practice and materials. My teaching philosophy is based on social-constructional methods, where the teacher is guiding the students towards their goals as a companion and provider, facilitating the learning which happens in each individual learner in their own unique way. I believe reflection and critical thinking of one’s work is the key to personal development and success.

Master of Arts (MA) in Ceramics and Glass Design, Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education

Teacher of art and design for 20 years

Preparatory course teacher for 7 years

Owner of Eeva Jokinen Ceramics design company

A passionate and well liked Scandinavian Design School teacher, who is dedicated in training you to reach the study place of your dreams!

Laura Aalto-Setälä

I graduated from Aalto University as Master of Arts in Collaborative and Industrial Design in 2016. I started teaching in both Scandinavian Design School and Teho-Opisto in 2020.

I’ve studied basics of visual arts and crafts back in the day in Espoo School of Art for over ten years. The same basic principles and techniques can be studied with us in six months, which is extremely efficient! I think that besides technical skills, the most important takeaway from Scandinavian Design School is learning how to approach entrance exams and applications. It is a special skill to create an image that represents a new and interesting viewpoint, but also corresponds to your assignment requirements.

Besides teaching, I run my own design business Studio Lasifaasi, where I’ve been working with various design projects, and conduct research on glass materials.

Teacher at Scandinavian Design School and Teho-Opisto

Master of Arts in Collaborative and Industrial Design

Designer, artist, researcher

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