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Detailed analysis of different assignment types with examples

This lesson includes:

  • Video lecture 
  • Lecture materials for future reference
  • 1-3 quick tasks of the key elements
  • 2 project assignments



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Lesson content:

The video lecture addresses the topic through examples and general theory so that you will get an idea of what the topic is about and how you can approach it through your own creative perspective. In general the lessons focus to the skills you need  preparing for the application process.

The quick tasks provided after the lecture will guide you into the topic with easy and focused assignments about the key elements in the lesson. The quick tasks prepare you for the two more advanced project assignments, where you are asked to apply your learning into a typical design or artistic brief related to the lesson subject. Read more about the project assignments below:

Project assignments:

The project assignments challenge you not only for your technical skills, but for your ideating and thinking skills and  composition and design process. The assignments are a great way to learn about art, design and creativity. When completing an assignment and submitting it to us for feedback, you will get access to a small gallery of works from other students, to get a wider understanding of how others have approached the subject.

You can work on tasks more simply by just making your first idea from start to finish. We’ll give you feedback on that and you can then improve your work if you like.

The better option is that you take the home assignment projects as an opportunity to really learn about design:

  • If you spend more time on the ideation and sketching phase and documenting your process, you will end up with better ideas.
  • If you make preliminary sketches of your ideas to find the best composition / layout for the final presentation, you’ll communicate your idea in a more powerful way to your audience.
  • And if, after the first finished work, you’ll improve it to a second, better version based on the feedback we give you, you’ll get great material of your design process  for your portfolio.


Showing not only your great works, but also your creative process is something you should include in your portfolio no matter what field of design you are applying to, especially at the undergraduate level.

Scandinavian Design School project assignments and the feedback you’ll get from working on them is in the core of the learning experience with us. Sign up for this lesson to experience it yourself!

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