Design Foundation Course - Core lessons

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In the Core level you will get deeper in the significant visualisation methods and techniques. You will be introduced to different fields of design, as well as the tools you will use as a designer, such as concepting, prototyping and presentation techniques.


A kick off/update zoom session with your teacher

Personal study plan

8 lesson packages including video lectures & lecture documents

16 design related project assignments

Personal feedback of your returned assignments

Teacher support during your studies

Certificate upon successful completion

  • Concept in Design

    A good concept around your idea builds trust & credibility

  • Sketching & Ideation

    Well planned pictures are more convincing

  • 3D paper models

    How to create 3D prototypes & packages out of 2D material

  • Clay models

    Quick & easy way to create both organic & geometric mock-ups of your ideas

  • Light & Shadow

    Light and shadow shape three dimensional objects into life

  • Perspective drawing

    The illusion of space on two-dimensional paper

  • Designing a 3D form

    The shape of an object communicates its function and use

  • Design

    Design is not only how things look, but how they work

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