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The course lessons are chosen to support your understanding of the image building theory and the basic drawing and painting tools and methods. After the course you have a better understanding of how to start and carry a creative process and how you get to the result you desire.
1. Pencil drawing

A fundamental tool to express your creativity. Pencils are familiar to everybody. In this lesson you will learn to use pencils effectively and make your drawings stand out with contrast, texture and rich values.

2. Light & Shadow

Light and shadow bring three dimensional objects into life. Learn how to illustrate light and shadow in your images and how to enhance the atmosphere or intensity of your image with contrast and value decisions.

3. Gouache & Acrylics

Acrylic and/or gouache paints are easiest painting medium for any visual task. The opaque and quick drying paints allow versatile painting order and easy corrections. Learn the best ways to use these paints for different purposes.

4. Composition

Composition is in the core of visual communication. How to place the elements in your design/presentation so that your idea is in the focus and the visual choices in the image support that focus. This lesson will help you understand and choose the best methods for different compositional purposes.

5. Color pencil drawing

Learn how to use colored pencils professionally. Mixing colors and layering the strokes is the secret to rich and vibrant illustrations. This lesson will teach you how to use the myriad colors in your palette with logic from color theory in order to create harmonic, but interesting images.

6. Color

Color choices set the mood of your image. This lesson will guide you to the world of color and show you how to choose the colors to fit the mood and idea of your image.

7. Marker Ink

Quick & professional sketching & designing tool for any aspiring designer. The vast selection of colors may feel daunting. This lesson helps you to start with the markers by showing some easy methods to create powerful spaces and objects.

8. Perspective

A tool to create the illusion of three dimensional space on two-dimensional paper. This lesson will help you understand how to use perspective in different situations in order to bring the spatiality in your pictures to focus.

9. Watercolor

Watercolors are a quick medium to produce delicate, but artistically strong and unique artworks. Learn the best painting order and tips to use watercolors for your benefit in the creative process.

10. Human shape

Correctly drawn human shape adds credibility to your pictures. Human figures show the scale and use of the spaces and functions in your images. Learn how to easily add perfectly proportioned human figures in your drawings and images.

Art Preparation Course

This is an independent course where you study at your own pace with personal tutoring meetings and support of our teacher.

850 €

Art Preparation Course

850 €


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850 €
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Art Preparation Course

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