Architecture Preparation Course

Gain a head start on your architectural journey with our Architecture Preparation Course. Learn essential skills, explore different techniques, and unleash your creativity. The course will give you basic understanding about architectural principles from the design perspective. With these skills you are able to apply to any architectural degree program around the world.

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The course lessons are chosen to support your understanding of the Graphic Design and the different perspectives you can take in the visual communication projects. After the course you have a better understanding of how to start and carry a creative process and how you get to the result you desire.
1. Perspective

A tool to create the illusion of three dimensional space on two-dimensional paper. This lesson will help you understand how to use perspective in different situations in order to bring the spatiality in your pictures to focus.

2. Composition

Composition is in the core of visual communication. How to place the elements in your design/presentation so that your idea is in the focus and the visual choices in the image support that focus. This lesson will help you understand and choose the best methods for different compositional purposes.

3. Color

Color choices set the mood of your image. This lesson will guide you to the world of color and show you how to choose the colors to fit the mood and idea of your image.

4. Prototyping

This lesson takes a look at different prototyping and scale modeling techniques through examples, providing tips and tricks for different materials and mediums. Creating great models adds valuable information to your designs and makes you stand out from your fellow applicants!

5. 3D paper models

How to create 3D prototypes & packages out of flat 2D material? This lesson goes through different principles and techniques you can use to produce great paper and cardboard scale models.

6. Structures

Structures are the skeleton of any built form. Sometimes the structure is visible, sometimes hidden. How to think structurally when designing can be a challenge, which this lesson will break into understandable pieces.

7. Designing a 3D form

The shape of an object communicates its function and use. All the things we use are three-dimensional. This lesson takes a look at how to design and draw three-dimensionality and how the shape of an object is realised.

8. Urban space & Architecture

How to draw & design city environments full of functions? We live and work in an urban environment. Creating interesting urban spaces is a skill to stand out. Creating interesting architecture into an urban space is another task. What is architecture, if not spatial art which considers the use and function of the space along with its visuality.

9. Interior space

Creating interesting & memorable spaces for functional use is in the heart of interior design. What is the difference between decorating and interior design? This lesson will deepen your understanding about interior design.

10. Landscape architecture

What is a landscape and how do we build one? The difference between nature and landscape design is a human intervention. What to consider when designing outdoor spaces?

Architecture Preparation Course

This is an independent course where you study at your own pace with personal tutoring meetings and support of our teacher.

850 €

Architecture Preparation Course

850 €


Attending the course was the best decision I ever made. I got more self-confident and learned a lot about myself. If you want a solid base for both the entrance exams and your future studies, I recommend that you sign up. I got into every school I applied to.

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850 €
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Architecture Preparation Course

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