ARCHITECTURE portfolio course.

Learn the essential skills that will help you to create a stunning portfolio for your university application! This course will help you to create interesting and visually stunning architectural projects for your Bachelor's degree application portfolio, with which you will compete within the top candidates for your desired Architecture program.

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The Architecture Portfolio course focuses on lessons and projects that will develop your architecturally relevant visual skills. We help you create personal and communicative architectural projects that show the qualities the schools are looking for in their potential students.
1. Portfolio examples

This lesson shows examples and analyses of successful portfolios from different design fields. The same portfolio does not work for all purposes. You should always tweak your content to fit the purpose. Learn from the examples and start ideating your own portfolio!

2. Perspective

A tool to create the illusion of three dimensional space on two-dimensional paper. This lesson will help you understand how to use perspective in different situations in order to bring the spatiality in your pictures to focus.

3. Light & Shadow

Light and shadow bring three dimensional objects into life. Learn how to illustrate light and shadow in your images and how to enhance the atmosphere or intensity of your image with contrast and value decisions.

4. Prototyping

This lesson takes a look at different prototyping and scale modeling techniques through examples, providing tips and tricks for different materials and mediums. Creating great models adds valuable information to your designs and makes you stand out from your fellow applicants!

5. Urban space & Architecture

How to draw & design city environments full of functions? We live and work in an urban environment. Creating interesting urban spaces is a skill to stand out. Creating interesting architecture into an urban space is another task. What is architecture, if not spatial art which considers the use and function of the space along with its visuality.

6. Interior space

Creating interesting & memorable spaces for functional use is in the heart of interior design. What is the difference between decorating and interior design? This lesson will deepen your understanding about interior design.

ARCHITECTURE portfolio course.

This is an independent course where you study at your own pace with the support of personal tutoring meetings with our teacher.

590 €

ARCHITECTURE portfolio course.

590 €


Attending the course was the best decision I ever made. I got more self-confident and learned a lot about myself. If you want a solid base for both the entrance exams and your future studies, I recommend that you sign up. I got into every school I applied to.

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590 €
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ARCHITECTURE portfolio course.

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