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BA in Design preparation course

Teacher-led prep course in Zoom for anyone applying to study in a Design BA program in the top University level.
Is your dream to get accepted to  e.g. Aalto University BA in Design program or Design Academy Eindhoven? Take this course to reach your dream!


zoom / in class

Starting date & studying time

Several starting dates and groups
Self paced option

Teacher interaction

Teacher-led online lessons  Support on projects &  application process

Gains and skills:

Next level ideating & design skills
Successful application assignments & portfolio

Is this course for me?

Are you playing your cards right and have several options in your list of desired university programs? Did you know that you can prepare for them all in this one course? Weather you are preparing a portfolio, or working on mandatory assignments to include in your portfolio or preparing to shine in the preliminary assignment process to  Aalto Univeristy, This course is for you. Many of our students apply to several programs that have different application methods and this course is designed to support you in all of them!
Aalto University in Finland is one of the highest ranked Design Universities in the world. In 2023, only 6.8% of the 618 applicants were accepted into the BA program in Design. The admission process includes creative assignments to evaluate the applicant's suitability for the program. 
Design Academy Eindhoven is also in the top ten Design Universities in the world. Their Design BA application process includes two mandatory assignments and portfolio of your previous creative works. 

Don’t worry if all this is new – we got you! In this course you'll learn how to work on the assignments creatively and how to put together an interesting portfolio that shows your potential!

Course content

The BA in Design prep course will increase your understanding about different fields of design, for example product- and visual communication design. You grow to understand what the entrance exam assignments ask for and how differently you can work on them. You will learn to make your assignments visually interesting while communicating who you are as a potential design student.
We will practice with variations of typical preliminary/mandatory design assignments for different universities which will develop your creative skills and methods you'll need to succeed in the application process. Many of our students have used these projects also in their application portfolios, showing their variety and potential as a future design student. 

These topics will be covered in the course:

Lesson 1: Assignment & portfolio examples

Lesson 2: Sketching & ideation 

Lesson 3: What is Design

Lesson 4: Concept in  Design

Lesson 5: Visual concept & Brand identity

Lesson 6: Prototyping

Lesson 7: Composition

We offer professional guidance, practice assignments, and experienced teachers' feedback to improve your project focus. You will get tutoring and comments on your application process to ensure your work meets the school's requirements. Peer support and discussions about your ideas are also provided and encouraged, as design most often is teamwork!

In the tutoring process we respect each schools directions about the type of guidance you are allowed to have, so you do not have to worry about the validity of your application. 

Why us?

Scandinavian Design School is located in Finland and we have guided our students to Finnish and International creative degree programs for over a decade. Our professional teachers have a solid understanding of the qualities and requirements the programs are looking for in their potential students.

In joining the course you will attain skills and capabilities to apply to any Design BA program in the world.

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Fixed-time zoom classes

Study from anywhere in the world in a teacher-led zoom class

Peer support

Similar minded study group motivates and provides different perspectives for your learning!

Teacher’s feedback

Get live feedback from your teacher and fellow students

We have 10+ years of experience with proven results

Of our students were invited to the second stage in their application process

Of our students applying to DAE in 2024 were offered a study place.

Of our students applying in 2023 were accepted to Aalto University.
(6% of all applicants)

Of our students got a study place in one of their destination universities

Our students love us!

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