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“I used to stick with what I knew I would do well, especially in situations like Aalto's preliminary assignments where many things are on the line. Before, I definitely wouldn’t try something extra. Meanwhile, after the course, I was much more confident in my ideas and had a lot more trust in myself. I familiarized myself with not diving into details as much. However, it was not the easiest. I felt more relaxed and understood that I do not need to worry much about the details as long as the whole thing functions together.”

“This course gave me the confidence I needed for the preliminary assignments.”

Fabian Fontanot, now a design student at Aalto University

“Teachers’ feedback was always on point, clear, and constructive, and it helped me a lot! She always pointed out something that I didn’t even think about.”

Waka Yasuda, now a design student at LAB university of Applied arts.

"My  zoom calls with Eeva (Head Teacher At Scandinavian Design School) were so enlightening, because she helped me really question my intentions, my process and the final product of my works. In the US, they don’t really ask for a lot of process work, and so I was definitely lacking that for the European schools I was applying to. 
I was really encouraged to work with what I had, and also who I am as a creative person. The zoom meetings were adapted to my vision and personality, and at the same time it pushed my boundaries as an artist and designer. I learnt that being a nuanced, flexible creative gives you space to explore different aspects of yourself and the possibilities that lie in your expression. "

Natalia Alvarez, now a student in the Design Academy Eindhoven

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