Let's prepare for your application process

Mar 26 / Elina
Do you have an interest in design and dream of studying at universities like Aalto in Finland or Eindhoven Design Academy in The Netherlands? But does thinking about the application process make this dream look more like a mission impossible. How should I approach the given assignments? What kind of portfolio should I prepare? Don’t worry; Scandinavian Design School got you covered!
Our online teacher-led preparation course is designed for anyone, regardless of their background. With our help, you'll be prepared and confident to face any application assignment. The course concludes just before the Aalto preliminary assignments are published, so you'll have fresh knowledge and skills to create astounding preliminary assignments.
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In the previous year, 93% of our students who submitted their preliminary assignments to Aalto University were invited to the intake assignment stage. Moreover, 46% of our students who submitted the preliminary assignments were invited to the interview, and 27% of our students who submitted the preliminary assignments were accepted to study at Aalto University. If you compare this to the official Aalto statistics (https://www.aalto.fi/en/study-at-aalto/admission-statistics), you can see the benefit the course provides.

50% of all students from this course were accepted to one of the programs they were applying to.
This year we are also starting a new preparation course for those interested in applying to Eindhoven Design Academy. Similarly to the Aalto prep course, this teacher-led course will support your portfolio-creating process providing teacher's feedback, fresh knowledge about design and new skills to prepare interesting portfolio and mandatory assignments the school requires.

At Scandinavian Design School, we believe in nurturing talent and helping dreams come true. Our courses empower you with the confidence, expertise, and insights needed to succeed in the competitive world of design education. Don't let the application process hold you back; take the first step towards your future today! Enroll now and let us help you make your design career a mission accomplished.
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