Scandinavian design education from Helsinki to the world

Scandinavian Design School offers online preparatory courses to art, design and architecture bachelor's and master's degree studies. Based in Finland, we combine the world’s top-ranking education with Scandinavian design expertise.

Online preparatory courses for future design professionals

Our goal at Scandinavian Design School is to provide you with the best tools to succeed not only in school applications, but also for future studies and work as a creative professional. We focus on every student as an individual, using methods that develop your technical, ideation and expression skills and consider current trends in art, design and architecture.

Our history

Scandinavian Design School was established in 2020 with the desire to offer top-ranking Finnish design education internationally. We are a part of Teho-Opisto, which has been teaching preparatory courses to art, design and architecture degree studies in Finland since 2009. Founded by architect Sini Koivisto, Teho-Opisto has grown into the biggest provider of preparatory courses in Finland with over 1000 students successfully continuing to degree education, and a staggering 90% with a portfolio that has been prepared with us. The same teachers now provide the same methods in English under Scandinavian Design School online courses.

SDS benefits

Top-ranking education

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals and experts in their own fields. We are genuinely interested in every student’s learning and ready to make an effort to help you progress.

Pioneers in art education

The course curriculum are designed by teachers and design education experts Sini and Eeva, who both hold a double degrees in art education and creative fields. The numbers speak for themselves: our methods work.

Getting accepted into a college or university

You’ll get the best chances of making it. Over 90% of our students have gotten into universities with Scandinavian Design School portfolios, whereas only about 10% of other applicants get in.

Improving ideation and expression skills

In addition to powerful expression skills, you’ll also internalize current trends and improve your ideation skills.

Solid base for studies and professional life

In our courses, you’ll learn a lot about your own field and general design principles, which gives your future studies a great foundation. Our students have been successful in their degree studies and have referred to us as their preschool before university.

More than a preparatory course

We genuinely want to see you make it, and will focus on you as an individual through personal feedback and training.

Let us be your guide to design